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Completely Guide to Play Apple Music on MP3 Player

'How do i transfer music from itunes to mp3 player? how to put itunes music on a non apple mp3 player?'

Have you ever come across such a problem like above? MP3 Player is a portable music player, which enables you to save digital music files (in MP3 format) directly onto the device. Most MP3 player can play more than the MP3 file format.

However, if you've downloaded most of your favorite tracks from Apple Music, you will find you can only play those tracks on Apple products, like iTunes, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV etc. How can we play iTunes Apple Music on MP3 Player?

Listen to apple music on MP3 Player

As we all know, Apple Music are protected by FairPlay DRM encryption, which can only allow you to play them on Apple authorized devices only. So if you want to listen to Apple Music on MP3 Player, you need to remove DRM at first. Sidify Apple Music Converter is such a DRM removal tool, which can let you convert the downloaded Apple Music to common MP3 so that you can enjoy Apple Music on your MP3 player easily.

What Can Sidify Apple Music Converter Do for You?

Sidify Apple Music Converter is a multi-functional Apple DRM removal software as well as a professional iTunes Apple Music Converter. With it, you can get rid of DRM protection from Apple Music. Moreover, you can also convert DRM-ed Apple Music, iTunes purchased songs, iTunes/ Audible audiobooks to unprotected MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV with original output quality. In this way, you can play music from iTunes on your MP3 player, tablet, smartphone, game console and other media player.

The Completely Step-by-step Guide to Convert Apple Music to MP3

You can get the DRM free Apple Music files with the following simple steps. Please note that you should download the Apple Music songs from iTunes to local computer before the conversion. Now follow the step-by-step guide below to enjoy iTunes Apple Music on your MP3 player.

Step 1. Download the Latest Version of Sidify Apple Music Converter

Install and launch Sidify Apple Music Converter on your computer, and iTunes will be automatically opened as well.

Download Sidify Apple Music Converter for WindowsDownload Sidify Apple Music Converter for Mac

Interface of Sidify Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Add Apple Music to Sidify Apple Music Converter

Click + button to select Apple Music songs you want to convert, all the Apple Music, iTunes purchased songs and audiobooks will be listed in the pop-up window, click OK button.

Add Apple Music songs

Step 3. Choose MP3 as Output Format

To play Apple Music on your MP3 player, you can choose MP3 as output format by clicking settings gear icon at the top right of the window. Besides MP3, the program also enables you to convert Apple Music to AAC, WAV and FLAC.

Furthermore, you can also change default output folder by clicking "..." next to Output Folder.

Set output as MP3

Step 4. Start Converting Apple Music to MP3 for MP3 Player

Simply click Convert button to start the conversion. All the converted Apple Music files will be found in history folder. By the way, you can also check Open Output Folder during the conversion, so that the output diretory folder will open automatically after conversion.

Converting Apple Music

Step 5. Play Converted Apple Music on MP3 Player

Connect the MP3 Player to the computer via USB port. Once the device is connected, the computer will recognize the MP3 player as an external device. Select the converted Apple Music files and copy them to your MP3 player. When the transfer is completed, eject the USB from your computer. Now you can play the Apple Music files on your MP3 Player perfectly.

Note: The free trial version of Sidify Apple Music converter converts the first three minutes of each audio file. If you want to unlock the time limitation, you can purchase the full version of Sidify with $39.95.

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