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How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

Netflix, as the largest video streaming services provider, makes its process of subscribing and canceling relatively painless. The method to use for subscription canceling may differ that depending on the devices you are using at the time you wish to cancel. You can cancel the subscription with your Android or iOS device, or desktop computer.

Cancel Netflix

It doesn’t matter which method you choose to cancel the subscription; your account will be no longer able to use. Even though you download the videos within Netflix App, you will not have access to the downloaded videos. Thus, it would help if there is a tool that can help you to download the videos to your computer and keep them forever. As a result of this, we will introduce to you how to keep the downloaded Netflix videos forever with Netflix Video Downloader.

Part 1:How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

Cancel Netflix from Your Desktop Computer

  • Go to the Netflix website (sign in and select account).
  • Click Profile to show the Menu (upper-right corner).
  • Click the Cancel Membership button.
  • Confirm the cancellation; click the Finish Cancellation button.

Cancel Netflix Subscription on Your Android Device

  • Launch Google Play Store and tap the Menu icon.
  • Select Subscriptions and Netflix.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription again to confirm.

Cancel Netflix Subscription on Your iOS Device

  • Tap Settings on iOS device and your name.
  • Tap iTunes & App Store
  • Tap you Apple ID and View Apple ID
  • Tap Subscriptions and select Netflix
  • Tap Cancel Subscription (bottom of the page) and Confirm

Cancel Netflix Subscription on Your Apple TV 4

  • Select Settings from the Apple TV home screen
  • Select Accounts and Manage Subscriptions (under subscriptions).
  • Select Netflix and Cancel Subscription.

Now, your Netflix subscription is canceled, and you will still have access until the end of the payment period. Speed up to watch all the videos from Netflix or downloaded within your Netflix App before you do not have access to your Netflix account.

If you would like to keep the downloaded movies forever, then please continue with this article. You will find a great solution.

Part 2. Download Netflix videos with Netflix Video Downloader

Netflix Video Downloader is a professional tool, featured with a clear and concise interface, easy for users accurately and fast downloads of various Netflix videos. Furthermore, the Netflix Video Downloader supports downloading videos in HD solution (up to 1080p) and keep all subtitles and audio tracks of the original movies and TV shows.

The following detailed tutorial will show you how to download videos from Netflix through Netflix Video Downloader step-by-step and keep them forever. Please download Netflix Video Downloader and install on your laptop or PC before getting started.

Step 1Install and Launch Netflix Video Downloader

Click the ‘Download’ button (shown above) to download Netflix Video Downloader and install to your laptop or PC. Then, launch the program.

Step 2Set Output Video Quality

Netflix Video Downloader supports getting video in HD quality, and you can click the Setting button on the upper right corner to set the output quality as High, or choose Medium or Low according to the storage space of your devices. Plus, the setting of customizing the Output path is also in this window.

Tips: You can download Netflix videos with audio track and subtitle in a specific language, and save the subtitle as a single file.

Set Output Quality

Step 3Search Preference Videos or Paste Netflix Video URL to Downloader

You can type any keywords or the URL of the movies or TV shows that you want to download, and then press the “Enter” button directly. The downloader will display all related videos.

Copy and Paste Netflix Video URL

Step 4Download Movies or TV Shows

Find the movies or TV shows that you want to download and directly click the download icon of each title to start downloading.

Downloading Netflix Videos

Extra TipsAdvanced Download

Netflix Video Downloader added advanced download settings that enable you to select the audio track and subtitle as needed. You can decide to download the audio track(s) and subtitle(s) in specific language(s). Besides, you can specify the video quality of the downloaded videos in resolution (480p, 720p, or 1080p).

For TV Shows: Please click on the download icon, and you will find the ‘Advanced Download’ button in the bottom left corner. Please click on the button to open the window.

For Movies: Please click on the Advanced Download icon Advanced Download icon beside the download icon to open the window.

Advanced Download setting

Step 5Check Downloaded History

After downloading, you can check the downloaded history in Library, which will show all videos you downloaded recently.

View history

Till now, you have downloaded the videos you need and saved as mp4 files on your local disk.

Now, you don’t need to worry you will not have access to the downloaded Netflix Videos. The downloaded Netflix videos can be kept forever within your computer. You can watch them at anytime, anywhere you want. Just try it now.

Note: The free trial version of Netflix Video Downloader has the same features as the full version, but it only enables you to download the first 10 minutes of each video. To download the whole Netflix videos, you are suggested to purchase the full version.

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