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Apple TV+ vs. Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video

Choosing an online video streaming service to subscribe to is a difficult thing for some people. You might be confused about choosing the online video streaming services to subscribe to since there are so many choices. If you don't know how to choose the online video streaming services between Apple TV+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, here you will know more about them. We compared those three services for you and made it easier for you to choose the best one for yourself.

Apple TV+ vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video


Netflix was initially founded in 1997 as a membership-based disc rental company (Netflix still offers DVD rental). After more than 20 years of growth, Netflix has become the largest membership-based video streaming service provider in the world. In 2013, Netflix released its first original TV show, the House of Cards, and became a global hit. Later, the Netflix Originals series of various original TV series has been widely praised. Netflix carries a vast array of shows, movies, and original content. Among its 5,000 + titles, you will get coveted shows such as Altered Carbon, Bloodline, Derek, Dracula, Marco Polo, The Witcher, and Watership Down. There are many more films, such as The Killer of Winter, A Marriage Story, The Chicago Judgments 7, The Irishman, The Laundromat, The Social Dilemma, and The Uncut Gem. In short, Netflix is the streaming champion, offering the most high-quality TV shows and movies of all streams.

There are three tiers of Netflix membership: basic, standard, and premium plan and the prices are $8.99, 13.99, and 17.99 per month. Members can watch videos anytime and anywhere on almost any Internet-connected device. Meanwhile, members can play, pause and continue to play, and there are no advertising interruptions, no binding contracts. The biggest differences between different membership tiers were whether HD/Ultra HD was supported and the number of simultaneous viewing devices. The HD supports 1080p and Ultra HD supports 4K (2160p) and 8K (4320p) videos. The $17.99 per month Premium Plan supports up to 4 devices to log on to Netflix and streaming videos simultaneously, which is very suitable for family or friends to order together. Each person can have their independent account, which will not affect personal Settings or preference recommendations.

The Netflix content libraries are different in each country, and some countries regularly maintain larger library sizes than others. The U.S. currently has the largest library of Netflix content, with over 5,800 titles as of February 2021. Furthermore, Netflix is supported on many devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, Fire Tablet, Apple TV, smartphone, tablets, computers, game consoles, smart TVs, web browsers, Blu-ray players, etc. It is a service widely supported by many devices to enjoy videos from its library.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video, or simply Prime Video, is a U.S. on-demand video-on-demand streaming and rental service of Amazon.com, Inc., available as a standalone service or as part of an Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Prime costs $119 a year (about $10 a month). Unlike Netflix, which offers three different tiers of membership, Amazon Prime Video only provides one. All subscribers will be able to stream videos online on three devices simultaneously, and some of which support up to 4K.

Amazon Prime Video, which is similar to streaming service Netflix, is arguably Netflix's biggest competitor. It has a growing list of original content, including standout TV shows such as The Expanse, The Boys, Fleabag, and The Man In The High Castle. It also receives films distributed by Amazon Studios, such as The Big Sick, Manchester by The Sea, and Beautiful Boy. Amazon Prime Video also offers live sports programming and currently simulates NFL games with Thursday Night Football. Besides, Prime Video includes hundreds of licensed movies and TV shows, including "Luther," "Viking," "Orphan Black," "Bridget Jones' Diary", and "Dora the Explorer." If you're a movie buff, Prime Video might be the right choice for you, as a study found that Amazon has four times the number of movies on its platform than Netflix (more than 12,000 titles of movies).

Compares to Netflix, the devices that support Amazon Prime Video is limited. Amazon Prime Video is supported to be played on smart TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, Fire Tablets, and other devices support Prime Video Now. Meanwhile, the live channel function is only available on Amazon Fire TV.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a subscription on-demand streaming TV service of Apple Inc., which debuted on November 1, 2019. Apple TV+ focuses entirely on new original content, and most of them are directed towards adults. The videos are theatrical, such as the TV insider horror thriller "Morning Show" by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, and "Defending the Title" by Chris Evans "Jacob" that is a satirical adaptation of a famous crime novel. Besides, Apple TV+ will have some children's shows, such as Sesame Street derivatives and the restart of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock series. In the meantime, Oprah's Book Club is also updated monthly.

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month or $50 a year, supports 4K playback, and is the cheapest large-scale streaming service. You can try Apple TV+ for free for 7 days, or if you recently purchased a new iPhone or other iOS devices, you could get a year of Apple TV + for free. But in the long run, the service's movies and TV shows are indeed far fewer than those of its competitors. It only has around 50 films and 120 TV shows currently. The compatibility of Apple TV+ is the weakest compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Apple TV+ is only supported on Amazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon TV Fire Stick, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, LG Smart TV, Web Browser, Roku, Roku Express, and Samsung Smart TV.

How to Choose among Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+ are currently relatively well-known streaming services. Although some of their functions are the same, they are different overall. Which subscription should we choose? Here are some suggestions for you:

1. Netflix has the most popular original series and provides the most "high-quality" TV shows and movies in all streaming media. If you can only subscribe to one streaming service, then Netflix is undoubtedly the best choice.

2. Amazon Prime Video has a very powerful resource library. A study found that the number of movies on the Amazon platform is four times that of Netflix. If you are a movie fan, Prime Video may be the right choice for you.

3. Apple TV+ is mostly original content, but there is very little content. If you recently intend to buy a new iPhone or iOS device, then you can get a year of Apple TV+ for free.

How to Download Netflix or Amazon Videos for Offline Playback?

With the extensive content library of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, download videos for offline playback are needed for many users. Even though Netflix and Amazon Prime Video added a download feature to their apps, there are limitations for both apps, like the number of titles you can download is limited, and the downloaded videos will be expired on certain days. To get rid of those limitations and totally free to download and play the videos offline on any of your devices. We suggest you use Netflix or Amazon Video Downloader to download the videos to your computer. Then, you can transfer to any other devices for offline playback without any limitations.

Netflix Video Downloader

Netflix Video Downloader (Win|Mac) is a professional program enabling you to download unlimited TV shows, documentaries, and movies from Netflix in MP4 or MKV format. This program supports batch downloading that you can add multiple videos to the download queue and it will download the videos one by one. Besides, this tool supports downloading videos in HD resolution (up to 1080p) and keeping original audio tracks and subtitles. Furthermore, the program is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Mac OS X 10.11 - macOS 13.

Amazon Video Downloader

Amazon Video Downloader (Win|Mac) is a professional video downloading tool for Amazon Prime Video, capable of helping users download any movie and TV shows from Prime Video in MP4 or MKV format. With it, you can download any videos from Amazon Prime Video in HD quality (up to 1080P) with all audio tracks and subtitles kept. Of course, the program is also fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Mac OS X 10.11 - macOS 13.

Here we will take the Netflix Video Downloader as an example to show you how to download videos from Netflix. (The steps of downloading Amazon videos are similar to download Netflix videos. You can find the steps to download Amazon Prime videos here.)

Step 1Install and Launch Netflix Video Downloader

Click the ‘Download’ button (shown above) to download Netflix Video Downloader and install to your laptop or PC. Then, launch the program.

Step 2Set Output Video Quality

Netflix Video Downloader supports getting video in HD quality, and you can click the Setting button on the upper right corner to set the output quality as High, or choose Medium or Low according to the storage space of your devices. Plus, the setting of customizing the Output path is also in this window.

Meanwhile, you can choose to download Netflix videos in MP4 or MKV format with audio track and subtitles in a specific language. You can also choose to save subtitles within the video file or as a single file.

Set Output Quality

Step 3Search Preference Videos or Paste Netflix Video URL to Downloader

You can type any keywords or the URL of the movies or TV shows that you want to download, and then press the “Enter” button directly. The downloader will display all related videos.

Copy and Paste Netflix Video URL

Step 4Download Movies or TV Shows

Find the movies or TV shows that you want to download and directly click the download icon of each title to start downloading.

Downloading Netflix Videos

Extra TipsAdvanced Download

Netflix Video Downloader added advanced download settings that enable you to select the audio track and subtitle as needed. You can decide to download the audio track(s) and subtitle(s) in specific language(s). Besides, you can specify the video quality of the downloaded videos in resolution (480p, 720p, or 1080p).

For TV Shows: Please click on the download icon, and you will find the ‘Advanced Download’ button in the bottom left corner. Please click on the button to open the window.

For Movies: Please click on the Advanced Download icon Advanced Download icon beside the download icon to open the window.

Advanced Download setting

Step 5Check Downloaded History

After downloading, you can check the downloaded history in Library, which will show all videos you downloaded recently.

View history

Now, you can find the Netflix videos downloaded and saved in your computer as MP4/MKV files by clicking on the ‘folder’ sign. You can keep all of the downloaded Netflix videos on your devices without limitation.

Note: The free trial version of Netflix Video Downloader has the same features as the full version, but it only enables you to download the first 5 minutes of each video. To download the whole Netflix videos, you are suggested to purchase the full version.

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