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Download Harlots (Season 1) 720P

Harlots is a British drama series that takes us back to 18th century London, where we explore the world of prostitution through the eyes of brothel owners and their workers. The show depicts not only the harsh realities of this taboo profession but also the complex relationships between the different characters. With its compelling storyline and outstanding cast, Harlots is a must-watch for anyone interested in period dramas with a hint of scandal. You can stream the series on Hulu and catch up with all three seasons. So make sure to grab some popcorn and a cozy seat for a binge-watching session that will have you hooked from the first episode.

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How to Download Harlots with SameMovie

Step 1Launch SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader and Log into Hulu Account

Launch SameMovie and simply input random words to the search box. Then a window will pop up to allow you to log into your Hulu account and access the Hulu library.

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Step 2 Add Videos

Just search for the video by entering Harlots into the search box.

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Step 3 Set MP4 as Output Format

Click the Settings icon on the top right to open the General Settings window, from where you can change the output format to MP4, select output quality as you need, select language and set the output path.


Step 4 Advanced Download Settings

Click the Advanced Download icon like a menu next to the download icon to select more specific video quality, size, audio track and subtitles.

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Step 5 Downloading Harlots

Finally, click the download button to start downloading Harlots from Hulu. Once downloaded, you can find the files on the output folder and enjoy them offline anywhere anytime.

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By downloading Harlots from Hulu, you can add it to your library of movies and shows that can be watched and enjoyed whenever you want. You can also use this experience to help make sure that you never miss another show or movie that catches your eye with the convenient tool of Hulu Video Downloader.

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