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How to Rent a Movie in iTunes 12

Every user of iTunes knows that iTunes has changed its interface since iTunes 12 came out. This means the way you use iTunes has also changed. You cannot use iTunes 12 the same as you use iTunes 11 or earlier versions, especially in the way you find a movie and rent it from iTunes store. You will notice the difference in the following tutorial on how to rent a movie in iTunes 12 on your computer.

5 Steps to Tell You How to Rent a Movie in iTunes 12

First of all, you need to open iTunes and find and click iTunes Store on the right of the middle toolbar.

find itunes movie

Second, click the Movies icon in the middle of the left toolbar to show the interface of the Movies.

Third, choose the movie you want to rent and click Rent button in the left column on the new interface.

(If you want to purchase the movie, click buy button instead.) Should I rent or buy iTunes movie?

rent itunes movie

Forth, input your Apple ID and password as Verification Required. And then click "OK". If this is the first time you purchase or rent an item, you will be requested to answer security questions in order to verify your identity.

Finally, do as the following renting process guide you to finish renting the movie until it is downloaded to your computer.

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Until now, the movie renting in iTunes 12 is finished. If you want to transfer the movie to mobile devices for playing, keep reading > >

1) Transfer to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.

1. Connect the mobile device to computer and select it in the iTunes by clicking File > Device on the upper left. The sync window will load.

2. Click My Movies at the top of the sync window to show all movies you rented and purchased. Check the rental movie you want to transfer.

3. Click "Sync" button to transfer the rental to your Apple device.

Notes: 1. If you want to stream the rental movie to Apple TV, you need to click File > Home Sharing to turn on Home Sharing for streaming. 2. After transferring, the rental will be removed from iTunes library.

2) Transfer to non-Apple devices like Android phones / tablets, Windows-based phones / tablets, TV, etc.

The videos no matter purchased or rented from iTunes store are prevented for transferring or copying to non-Apple devices for playback. In order to transfer the rental, a media converter which can convert iTunes rentals and keep iTunes rentals forever is required.

M4VGear Converter is the fastest and powerful converter which can losslessly convert iTunes rentals to MP4 videos without time limitation for watching. Another important and unique feature of M4VGear is that it can keep all multilingual subtitles and 5.1 audio track when converting iTunes rentals.

How to Convert iTunes Rental with M4VGear ?

What'll be needed before Conversion

The procedure of Converting iTunes rental with M4VGear

Step 1: Click "Add Movies" button on the upper left of M4VGear interface to show all purchased and rented items of your iTunes and then check the rentals you want to convert. Click "OK" to add those checked items to M4VGear interface.

Note: If the rentals couldn't show up on the list, you can find your downloaded rental videos on your computer and then drag & drop them to M4VGear for converting. (If you can't find the location of your file, you can also find them via iTunes "Right click your video file--> Get Info--> File".

Add iTunes Videos to M4VGear

Step 2: Click to set output format on the bottom right. When you set output format as "Lossless MP4", the iTunes videos can be converted to common format at 20 faster speed with AC3 Dolby 5.1 surround, Closed captioning (CC) kept.

Choose Output Format

Step 3: Press ouput profile button on the bottom right to start conveting selected rentals one by one.

Convnute iTunes M4V videos to MP4

Step 4: Go to the output folder and find the converted MP4 videos. Next, transfer them to your non-Apple devices via USB for playback.

Find Converted Movies

Note: Please use the converted MP4 videos only for personal purpose and do not spread them on Internet.

Renting a movie in the latest brand-new iTunes store is easy. By reading the steps above, you can not only learn how to rent movie from iTunes 12, but also know how to keep your rental iTunes movie forever with M4VGear Converter.

Tips: M4VGear will offer you a 1-minute free trial which lets you convert one minute of iTunes rentals for free. If you want to unlock the time limitation, purchase M4VGear at $44.95 with all updates free of charge.

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Extra Tips:

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