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How to use AppleScript to control M4VGear?

What's AppleScript?

AppleScript is a scripting language that makes possible direct control of scriptable applications and of many parts of the Mac OS. A scriptable application is one that makes its operations and data available in response to AppleScript messages, called Apple events. With scriptable applications, users can write scripts to automate operations, while developers can use AppleScript as an aid to rapid prototyping and automated testing.

AppleScript and Apple events are based on the Open Scripting Architecture, which is implemented by several OS X frameworks. Apple provides a number of additional applications and technologies that enhance AppleScript or take advantage of its features.

What's M4VGear?

M4VGear DRM Media Converter is the fastest DRM remover in the market which can remove DRM from your iTunes videos at 20X faster speed on Mac OS. It can convert all M4V video files including your iTunes purchases or rentals to unprotected MP4 format.

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M4VGear DRM Media Converter converts iTunes M4V to unprotected MP4 and preserves 100% original video quality. What's more, this powerful DRM Media Converter can also retain subtitles and audio track. You can easily watch DRM-FREE iTunes HD 1080P Movies, TV Shows with lossless quality on any device or media player.

Why & how to use AppleScript to control M4VGear

After writing scripts in AppleScript, AppleScript will control of M4VGear so that it can automatically add iTunes M4V videos and convert them. Users don't need to launch M4VGear manually and click "Add" or "Convert" button. What's more, users can write multiple scripts to make batch conversion.

Click Application > Utility >AppleScript Editor to launch the AppleScrip and input the below scripts in AppleScript. Then click "Run" button to start to convert iTunes DRM M4V videos one by one with M4VGear DRM Media Converter.

tell application "M4VGear"
add POSIX file “Users/Mac User Name/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/TV Shows/Project Runway/Season 1/01 Who Is Under the Gunn_ (1080p HD).m4v"
add POSIX file “Users/Mac User Name/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/TV Shows/The Returned/Season 1/01 Camille (1080p HD).m4v"
start convert
end tell

Tips: If you want to convert more files at one time, you can keep writing "add POSIX file" commands. The scripts after the "add POSIX file" commands are the iTunes file path. And you don't forget to change your Mac User Name.


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