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Need to Register M4VGear for Windows Everytime Launch it? How to Solve the Problem?

"I've purchased and entered the key which works fine as long as m4v is open, when i restart the pc or m4v to encode another file it reverts to asking for the key again, is there a fix for this?"

"Every time I exit the program and come back to it, the program thinks I am in trail mode again and I am forced to re-register. This is very annoying."

"Everytime I open the program, I need to input my registration key. How do I make it stop?"

If you also encountered problem as above, that's because you are using M4VGear for Windows with a user account that has no administrative privileges. The program will go back to evaluation version once you logoff. This is a common problem may happen to many other application on Windows OS. You can easily solve the problem with following solution.

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Solution: Install Program as Administrator

You can solve this problem by installing program as administrator. Please right-click on the setup file (M4VGear.exe) and select "Run as administrator", enter the administrator's password and install the program.

Want to register with a limited user account ?

If you want to run or register program with a limited user account, please follow steps as below:

1. Login your administrative account.
2. Go to the install directory, right click on "M4VGear" folder and click "properties". Normally, the directory is C:\Program Files\M4VGear\M4VGear.exe.
3. If there is a Security tab, open it, select the users group, in the Permission for Users section, select "full control" and apply.
4. If there is no security tab, open "Control Panel", open "Administrative Tools", open "Local Security Policy", unfold "Local Policies" and select "Security Options", in the right panel, you can find "Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts", double click to open and change it to "Classic - local users authenticate as themselves" and apply. Then go back to "M4VGear" folder and click "properties". Then follow the third step.
5. Log off and switch to the limited user, then open the program.

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