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How to Stream iTunes Movies / TV Shows to Vizio TV

Founded on 2002, VIZIO is an American privately held producer of consumer electronics, and now it is best known as a producer of affordable flat screen televisions. Through these years, Vizio is America's bestselling brand of television for its high quality and relatively affordable price. Meanwhile, iTunes, as one of the largest media stores of HD videos and music, attracts most people purchasing videos from it. Then, people would wonder whether it's possible to play iTunes videos on Vizio TV.

"If I buy a Vizio smart TV can I stream the iTunes movies directly to the TV?"

I want to play ‘The Interview’ purchased from iTunes on my Vizio TV, how to do that?

“I just got a new Vizio tv and I tried transfer iTunes videos to it via USB. But it always pops up message that shows the file cannot be played. How do I play my iTunes videos on my Vizio TV?”

Vizio TV

The Internet is full of questions like whether it’s possible to stream iTunes DRM-ed videos to Vizio TV. People all want to enjoy better visual experience by playing HD videos on big screen TVs. However, there always exists a problem that iTunes videos are strictly DRM protected and cannot be played on other non-Apple devices. Is there any way to unlock iTunes videos so that they can be freely played on other devices, such as Vizio TV?

Yes, of course. M4VGear iTunes to TV Converter works perfectly with that problem. M4VGear helps users remove DRM protection form iTunes purchases and rentals, and convert them to regular formats supported by other common devices. Let's explore together how to remove iTunes DRM with M4VGear, and transfer iTunes videos to Vizio TV for playback.

Tutorial: Play iTunes Videos on Vizio TV

Equipment Requirement

  • Latest version of M4VGear iTunes to TV Converter
  • The latest version of iTunes
  • USB device

1.Import iTunes movies/ TV shows to M4VGear

Double click to launch M4VGear. Click "Add Movies" button, and a window will pops up for choosing iTunes videos, select entry you want to enter to choose videos to convert. Then click "OK" button to finish importing iTunes videos.

Add iTunes Videos to M4VGear

2. Choose output profile and Choose Output Path

Click to set output format on the bottom right. When you set output format as "Lossless MP4", the iTunes videos can be converted to DRM-free format at 20 faster speed with AC3 Dolby 5.1 surround, Closed captioning (CC) kept. When "Customized xxx Video" was chosen, you can manually set video & audio parameter.

Choose Output Format

3.Start conversion

Click "Option" icon on the upper right, and a window will pops up which enables you to manually set output path. Then, click "Convert" button to start converting.

Convert iTunes M4V videos to MP4

4. Transfer the well converted videos to Vizio TV

The output folder will pops up once the conversion is finished. If the output folder does not open automatically, please click "Converted Movies" button to find the converted video files. Then, copy the video files to USB device, and transfer them to Vizio TV via USB port for enjoying.

Find Converted Movies

Is that simple? With M4VGear, you are no longer feeling puzzled over the question on that iTunes videos cannot play on Vizio TV. Then what? Download and install M4VGear DRM Media Converter Now! And purchase the full version to unlock the time limitation.

Note: M4VGear only allows users to convert 1 minute of iTunes movie for free. Do not worry. It is the limitation in the trial version of M4VGear. If you want to convert the full movie with M4VGear, please buy full version $44.95 ($49.95).

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Extra Tips:

If you are an Apple Music subscriber and also want to remove DRM from Apple Music and iTunes M4P Audio. Sidify Apple Music Converter should be the best choice, which enables you to convert Apple Music tracks to plain MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV format losslessly at 20X speed, while keeping all the ID tags and metadata.